We are a mobile service that
keeps an eye on your finances...

...right from your pocket.

What is LifeCounts?

LifeCounts is a mobile service that monitors and optimizes your personal finances.

At LifeCounts, our team is dedicated to helping people live a more peaceful financial life. Consumers need a service that optimizes their money and delivers notifications to their pocket on-the-go.

With LifeCounts, you can securely link your financial accounts from different institutions to this single platform. After the one-time setup, the service is working in the background and there when you need it. LifeCounts tracks your spending and accounts, providing you with alerts and insights to make easier decisions. It's as easy as our green-yellow-red health status.

How It Works

Securely link all of your accounts

A simple, one-time setup securely links your financial accounts in one place, even if accounts are at different institutions.

Monitor Your Status, Balances and Spending

Account balances and transactions automatically download. Your health status is one glance away so that you know when it's all good or your attention is needed.

Embrace financial control with alerts

Personalized notifications help prevent financial missteps. Alerts and insights help you track and understand behavior, so you can find a balance that works for you.

So much more than online banking

Know the whole story. Proactive analysis and insights across multiple accounts help you understand your complete financial picture.

Security & Privacy

Your data belongs to you alone

LifeCounts is a safe place where you can manage your money without fear of having your data sold to the highest bidder. Your personal information remains private and we don't share it with third parties.

Robust Security

LifeCounts uses bank-level security. All data, stored and transmitted, is protected behind multiple layers of hardware and software-based encryption. The data is housed only on company-owned and operated servers.

No Advertisements

Through paid subscriptions, LifeCounts can ensure that you receive a premium experience while managing your money. There are no irritating popups or banner advertisements competing for your attention.

Connect Safely

All transmitted data is encrypted over SSL to prevent third parties from eavesdropping on or tampering with information. And, your accounts are linked only through secure channels.

Proven security partners

Security personnel continuously monitor all traffic across our entire network infrastructure looking for malicious activity. We partner with trusted third-party security experts to certify and monitor our security.

Bank-required authentication

Your login credentials are protected using mutual authentication which prevents attackers from impersonating LifeCounts in an attempt to steal your credentials.

A Little More About Security

For security, privacy and accountability, we are the only ones storing your data.

Unlike most online services, LifeCounts does not outsource data storage or computing operations to third parties. All data is secured on company-owned and operated servers. Any one of our servers is housed within a secure, non-disclosed data center that is protected by a physical security force 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Biometric authentication accompanied by a secure token ensures only authorized access.

Get the App


Designed for iOS 9, but still compatible with iOS 8, LifeCounts Mobile for iOS will run seamlessly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device. Optimized for mobile use, including native push notifications. Subscriptions to the app are available through one of your financial institutions.

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Ready to take full advantage of any Android device, LifeCounts Mobile is optimized for all versions of Android including Marshmallow. Experience all LifeCounts has to offer, including native push notifications for your tablet or smartphone. Subscriptions to the app are available through one of your financial institutions.

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For Financial Institutions

Forget the toaster, provide your customers with a subscription to LifeCounts.

You can better the lives of your customers by providing them with the LifeCounts mobile service.

The LifeCounts experience augments a financial institution's existing technological offering and provides new revenue opportunities, turning the traditional technology cost-center into a modern technology profit-center.

LifeCounts can connect to any financial institution that offers online banking to its customers and members. The connection is seamless and LifeCounts does not require the financial institution to make any technology investment or changes their current systems. Contact us to find out how you can provide subscriptions to your customers.

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You may also e-mail us directly at info@lifecounts.com or call us toll-free at (888) 701-8505.